2007 SE Asia Update 8

I spent some time reflecting this morning. I was just humbled by meeting Pastor Eu Hong Seng yesterday. He is the senior pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle which has been in existence for about 25 years. They started with the youth (young high school and college students) and now they have a vibrant community of […]

2007 SE Asia Update 7

What a busy day! Pastor Paul and I started off today with a crazy taxi ride to get to our first meeting. The taxi driver was very confident in finding the address but by the time we were in the car, I realized that he was lost. But by God’s grace we were able to […]

2007 SE Asia Update 6

We finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur! It was quite a trip from Pekanbaru to Medan and then from Medan to KL. It is great to have Penny (a former member in our church) pick us up at their airport. In fact, I found out that she took the whole week off in order to serve […]

2007 SE Asia Update 5

Pastor Paul took me to an Indonesian wedding yesterday. It was a blessing for several reasons. First, the father of the groomsman came from an area in Indonesia where a majority of the people are Muslim, but by God’s mercy he came to know the Lord. He then raised up his family in a Christian […]

2007 SE Asia Update 4

I am in Pekanbaru right now. I arrived yesterday and I am already noticing the difference between Jakarta and this area. First of all, the internet connection is not only slow but there aren’t as many wifi places. I am currently using Pastor Paul’s cell phone to connect to the internet world. But meeting the […]

2007 SE Asia Update 3

Today was an encouraging day. I had the opportunity to visit a watchtower (24/7 prayer room) which was opened by Gereja Bethel Indonesia Church. They started this prayer ministry back in 1998! For close to 9 years, they have been praying 24/7. It reminded me of Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians with their prayer movement. […]

2007 SE Asia Update 2

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit one of our HMCC former members in her office. She is currently helping out with the Billy Graham’s Hope for Indonesia campaign called My Hope Indonesia. It was pretty exciting to see how God sovereignly placed her as one of the main directors. She is trying to mobilize […]

2007 SE Asia Update 1

I finally arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is truly a blessing when one of your former members has access to the airport and helps out with the customs and visa. It is probably one of the smoothest entry processes that I have ever experienced. I met up with Louisa who came to know the Lord […]

International Connections

It has been a long 24 hours. I arrived in Narita Airport in Japan after some delays in DTW (oh the delays). Then I only had 40 minutes to get on my Singapore flight. I finally arrived at 1:30AM and then checked into a hotel in the airport. It is cool that you can rent […]

2007 AMI Revolution Update 4

I finally get an opportunity to catch my breath from this long weekend. As I reflect on this past weekend, I am thankful that God is moving powerfully in all the AMI churches. We ended the AMI Revolution conference on a high note with Pastor Young’s message about learning how to flee, fight and follow. […]

2007 AMI Revolution Update 3

Whenever all the messages from the various speakers flow together, it is an encouraging thing. It is as if the Holy Spirit takes the pieces together and puts it together like a puzzle. Pastor Matt from Journey Church of Atlanta spoke yesterday morning on the importance of the Church – the need for more of […]

2007 AMI Revolution Update 2

Last night we had a great time of worship and we had a timely word delivered by Pastor Bruce from Remnant Westside. We were reminded to “take up our crosses” which should not be a negative thing, but it should remind us of our positional identity in Christ. Christ took our cross and therefore it […]

2007 AMI Revolution Update 1

After some flight delays, I finally arrived in Philadelphia – the land of the “brotherly love.” The Michigan and Chicago guys have also arrived via the long 10-11 hour drive. They are probably really tired. Some of the other speakers and I went out to a Thai restaurant for dinner in the city and now […]

Dallas Reflections

As I am sitting here reflecting on my 24 hours in Dallas, I am feeling pretty overwhelmed (in a good sense). First of all, it is incredible to think that God would use imperfect people to build His Kingdom. Sometimes, I see myself messing things up more than anything else. But God is truly gracious […]

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