UIC Strategic Meeting 05.26.08

Last night, I meet up with the staff of HMCC of Chicago and the leaders of the UIC ministry. We spent some time evaluating this past year’s small group ministry on the campus and then we read up on some statistical information about the campus. As we were sharing and reading up on the information, […]

Chicago Trip 05.26.08

It was smooth sailing on my flight to Chicago. I was a bit concerning about the flight since it was the last flight that would get me to Chicago on time for the Sunday Celebration. I realized that Sunday mornings are the best time to fly – there are less people and fewer interruptions in […]

Chicago Trip 05.25.08

I am heading out to Chicago early this morning. I will be concluding the “Taking Up the Challenge” sermon series today. Not only have we been focusing in on evangelism and discipleship, but today I am going to share about the greater vision for Chicago and reaching out to various campuses within the city. I […]

May 08 Dallas Trip Update 2

Yesterday, I came back from Dallas. It is good to be back home. Usually after these kinds of conferences, I come back with mixed feelings. On one hand, I am a bit overwhelmed realizing some of the great things God is doing through some of these pastors and churches. It reminds me that God is […]

May 08 Dallas Trip Update 1

Last night we had our first session of this conference. Robert Barriger from Peru shared about branding and the importance of value. He used the famous Blue Ocean Strategy to help describe what is going to take to do ministry with a whole new paradigm. It was challenging. This morning we started off with a […]

Trip Out to Dallas

I am out in Dallas for a few days reconnecting with some pastors at a networking conference. Over the years I have developed a relationship with some like-minded pastors who are making a difference in their sphere of influence. There seems to be a greater longing in the hearts of ministry leaders to connect with […]

Chicago 04.20.08 Update

We had a great Sunday Celebration. I did the part two of talking about God’s grace. It was encouraging to see some of the Ann Arbor church members join us. This is the beauty of being connected like this as a church. People from both churches are able to visit one another and lift one […]

Chicago Weekend of 04.19.08

        I will be heading out to Chicago this weekend. It will be another jam packed couple of days with gatherings and meetings. Christina and I talked this morning that it if we had to choose between laziness and busyness, we would choose busyness. But she did say, she wouldn’t mind a […]

Q Conference Update 2

Today was another day of non-stop brain food being delivered within 18 minutes per session. I am still amazed how these communicators can speak on things that are on their heart for only 18 minutes. Not only does it take discipline, but it takes the wisdom to cut out all the “fat” and just give […]

Q Conference Update 1

The first day of the conference has been incredible. We are meeting right in the heart of the city in Gotham Hall. At this conference, it has been like drinking out of a fire hydrant – just so much of the good stuff coming out all at once. Each speaker gets exactly 18 minutes to […]

Chillin’ with the Family in NYC

We are wrapping up our short 2 day trip to NYC. I think this has been the most walking I have done in a long time (I am pretty sure I have done my whole year’s worth in the last 2 days). As we have been trying to cut cost, we decided to save some […]

Indonesia 2008 Update 3

We are in transit right now in Singapore. Our plane will be taking off in about 5 hours. I am sitting here just reflecting on some of the great things that God allowed us to experience and witness with our own eyes. Right away, three things come to my mind: 1) God is creative – […]

Indonesia 2008 Update 2

It has been a crazy couple of days. I have been meeting up with various people who are working in the school system here in Jakarta. Some of the schools were international schools as well as college level schools. It is incredible to find people who are passionate about education and how they believe that […]

A Full Day in Indonesia

We got up in the morning and headed out for the 11AM service at the International English Service, one of the handful of international churches out here in Jakarta. The preacher spoke on Acts 2:42-47, the classic passage on community and the early church. They were trying to promote their small groups. It reminded me […]

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