Indonesia 2008 Update 3

We are in transit right now in Singapore. Our plane will be taking off in about 5 hours. I am sitting here just reflecting on some of the great things that God allowed us to experience and witness with our own eyes.

Right away, three things come to my mind:

1) God is creative – It is just amazing how God orchestrates things. In His awesome creativity, God brings people and circumstances that are beyond our understanding and causes us to be in awe. The master painter is constantly painting a masterpiece that leaves us breathless.

2) God is a Connector – Divine connections are hard to explain. But in hindsight, we are able to see that God loves bringing like-minded people together. It is almost as if God is creating a dream team of people so that we can win. Some of the people we have met made me realize that God trying to piece everything together. Thank God He is able to connect all the dots for us.

3) God is in control – No matter what we try to do in our own strength or wisdom, ultimate it is God who is in control. We all get to a point when we realize that no amount of human strength or wisdom can change God’s purposes. This is why God wants us to trust in Him. The more we get our fingerprints on things, the more blurry things get.

God is definitely working powerfully all around the world. Every time I come back from trips like this, it reminds me of the mission that God has given to us as a church. We want to be focused, faithful and fervent on the task at hand – no turning back.
Health Clinic.JPG
A health clinic in one of towns a little outside of Jakarta
Healthcare Director.JPG
We met up with a health director who was a believer and was open to doing some medical missions – a divine connection
Yonas is one of the young businessmen in Jakarta who wants to use his wealth to bring transformation to the nation
There are teas that are about $200 for handful of tea leaves – I was educated (once again) on the art of tea
Drinking Tea.JPG
A happy man
Engel and Louisa at Airport.JPG
Engel and Louisa are always great hosts and they are becoming more like family

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