Vietnam Teaching Trip

We finished our Board of Directors meeting yesterday night in Chicago and we drove through the night to get back for our Sunday Celebration. It was good laying down some of the foundational pillars for this year of transition. It is always energizing for me to in environments where high level discussions are happening for an organization. I pray that some of the decisions that have been made will not only glorify God, but that it will bring our church to the next level of influence.

Now, I am getting ready to board a plane to Vietnam. I have the privilege of teaching a New Testament Survey class where the students will be able to get a Bachelor of Arts degree. It is going to be a short trip but the days will be intense. I will probably do 8 hours of teaching each day for the next 4 days. Even though it will be a bit tiring there is nothing else I rather do than to influence leaders who will transform the world – it is truly my passion and purpose in life.

I will try my best to update you with what is going on in Ho Chi Minh City. As many of you know, it is still a Communist country; therefore I still have to be careful in disseminating information.

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