The Twitter Sensation

        I am amazed at how quickly Twitter is taking over the communication world. For a lot of people, it is like a micro blog. The beauty of Twitter is that it only gives you 140 characters to type a message or an update. This disciplines you to share only what is […]

The Car of the Millennium

I grew up with Mattel’s Hot Wheels. I remember just playing with the die-cast metal cars for hours and imagining I was a race car driver. Also, as I was growing up, I idolized Speed Racer and pretended to have my own Mach 5. Do you remember what all those buttons did on his steering […]

Make-Shift Mini Office

In the future, I hope that cities that are planning on making new airports would make sure that they are forward thinking and build mini-cubicals and include a lot of electrical outlets. There is nothing more frustrating to a traveler than not having enough outlets to charge up their computers and other electronic devices. I […]

Future Technology

Do you remember the movie, Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise? I remember watching the scene where Cruise used a glove and a big glass screen to move various computer applications. I was thinking to myself, “We are going to have that kind of technology some day.” Now, four years later, we have the beginning stages […]

What’s Under This Category?

Things that are trendy and that might possibly make history – things that are new (“no one has ever done that before” kind of things) and people who are trendsetters (go against the flow) – I get inspired by these things

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