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Do you remember the movie, Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise? I remember watching the scene where Cruise used a glove and a big glass screen to move various computer applications. I was thinking to myself, “We are going to have that kind of technology some day.” Now, four years later, we have the beginning stages of what is going to be a reality soon.

Technology and Church have somewhat of an anomalous relationship. When there is too much technology in the Church, some people get suspicious and even try to lay the charge that “we are becoming too much like the world.” When some churches lag behind, they become ineffective and lose the cutting edge in reaching a whole new generation. Do we need a balance? Possibly.

But why is it that the Church is always the last one to hop on the train? This is the reason why we have been accused of always copying the world. What would it be like if the Church came up with some of the newest high-tech discoveries? What would it be like if the world began to look to the Church for insights and ideas? We cannot let the world out-do the Church!

Check out this new technology that I can definitely see the Church utilizing for spreading the Gospel. It is called a touch-driven computer screen. Absolutely incredible!

One day, sermons will be given with a 3D holographic image of Moses splitting the Red Sea, or Paul preaching at Areopagus… or how about visiting Golgotha and actually being able to witness the crucifixion… it will be very sobering to say the least.

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