BBQ Update 4

Today was our final round of BBQs for the leaders… four BBQs within 10 days! We have made good use of our grill this summer; and after grilling for so many people, a person gets better and faster. But cleaning the grill afterwards is the hard part… thanks to those who helped clean the grill.

The boys said something today that made me think about the routine of life. After all the grilled hamburgers and chickens, they said, “Dad, we don’t want hamburgers and chicken anymore!” What? They love hamburgers. I guess having something almost every single day will cause a person to want a change in the menu.

Is this the reason why so many of us go through the motions and the routines in our relationship with God? The same thing over and over again. How does a person keep their relationship with God fresh and vibrant? When it comes to food, we can possibly fast from hamburgers in order to have the craving for it again. But when it comes to God, how can we fast from Him? He is the very air that we breathe.

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