The Game: The Questions

I have been doing “relationship” seminars and sermons for close to 16+ years. But for some reason, I felt like this year I wanted to approach it a bit differently. I have seen many generations come and go at the University of Michigan, but one thing remains constant – the topic of relationship is still a hot issue.

But one thing I have noticed over the years is that we are losing the battle for biblical absolutes. Things have become more “grey” for people. Some of the factors contributing to this are directly connected to the post-modern culture, our lack of understanding of the Bible, or even our self-centeredness. We need to bring back the basic and plain teaching of holiness back to the church. All the practical advice and steps will not replace the importance of teaching on God’s holiness when it comes to the opposite-sex relationships.

This coming Friday Pastor Andrew and I will be opening up the floor for some questions and answers. In fact we are trying to give some of you a head start by starting up Facebook group. Once you are log on to the Facebook website, you can submit some of you questions. As we get ready for this Friday, we will try to address some of the questions that are posted on Facebook.

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