Video Reminiscing

Yesterday after enjoying Christina’s infamous Ja-Jang Myung (Black Bean Noodle… it taste better than it sounds), we all decided to watch some old videos that were recorded on a camcorder.

We popped in some videos from 2003 and 2005. It was hilarious!

It was amazing to see how much the kids have grown over the years. Some of the crazy things that Josiah, Elliot and Karissa did on the videos made all of us roll on the floor laughing.

Even in the midst of laughing together, I couldn’t but to think that time is short. When the kids were younger, it felt as if we had forever to raise them. The infant stage and the early toddler years are not easy, but after looking at the videos I wish the kids were back at that stage. They are growing up so quickly. But it is amazing to see how some of their personalities are shaped and formed during these early years. Some of their love for singing and dancing were clearly evident at that young age.

We had a blast!

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