TC Prayer Summit 2007 Update 2

The leaders of our church had a great time praying together. There have been moments in the history of our church where the Spirit of God has allowed us to have concentrated times of prayer. It was crucial that the leaders of our church first set the example in praying for the things that are coming up this year.

I was able to share part of the vision that God has given to us as a church. It will require a lot of faith and trust in the Lord as we proceed forward. I shared about how this coming year we are going to follow God’s lead in expanding in various areas with future church plants as well as in growth with the mother church here in Ann Arbor.

The last night’s worship gathering was focused on the Holy Spirit and the importance of being empowered and enabled to do the task that God has called us to accomplish for His glory.

It was good for us to wait upon the Holy Spirit and allow Him to anoint us to even intercede for the concerns of our church. Some good things are coming up on the horizon.

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