Picnic on the Porch

Today for dinner we wanted to have a make-shift picnic on the porch. As the weather was getting cooler due to the approaching thunderstorm, we thought it would be refreshing to have the gentle breeze blow on our faces (ok, well… it was more like me trying to convince my family). Finally, my persuasiveness won out and we grilled some Korean marinated beef and had a delicious cold noodle dish.

As it started to drizzle, it was a quite a sight. Some parts of the sky was dark while other parts were sunny. It was truly a contrast to enjoy, even the kids were mesmerized.

Instead of going inside after dinner, the kids and I decided to enjoy the moment. The kids were reading their books while I was delighting in my Chinese tea. It has been a long time since we just took pleasure in looking out at nature and enjoying the simply things of life. Truly priceless.
Kids Chillin2.JPG
The kids enjoying the food
Kids Chillin.JPG
The kids learning how to appreciate God’s creation and also learning how to get inspired 🙂