Determination Dominates

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I have never heard of Dax Crum before until recently. He plays Division-I basketball at Southern Utah University. But the interesting part of Crum is that he was born without a full right hand. He just has a small finger that sticks out near his wrist.

His whole life is a story of determination and desire. Crum did not allow his disabilities hinder him from doing what he loved the most, which was sports. In high school Crum played basketball, soccer, baseball and track.

Even though he had to go through ridicule from classmates and difficulties in various tasks, he continued to persevere with the support of his parents.

His father, Richard Crum said, “Honestly, when Dax was born, I was angry with God. How can you send me a one-handed boy when you know my sons are going to be athletes? But he’s taught me that you can do anything. He’s changed my life in so many ways.”

Crum’s parents refused to treat him as a handicapped person. Even at a young age, when they could have given him velcro shoes, they made him learn how to tie his shoelaces. Crum would practice basketball in the high school gym or at the nearby church to work on his game.

Crum was so determined to play Division-I basketball that he turned down a soccer scholarship at Dayton so he can play at Southern Utah. Crum said, “I wanted to be a Division I basketball player. I wanted to do something that no one has done.” His passion and intensity were so strong that he was nicknamed “The Pest” and “The Dax-inator.”

It just amazes me and inspires me when I see the level of hunger and determination in people who the world might see as “not good enough.” The world always see the externals and forget to see what is on the inside. Things like determination, hunger, heart and perseverance is hard to measure from just looking at a person’s externals.

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (1 Sa 16:7)

Oh by the way, did I mention that Crum is married, has a 3.7 GPA and is working on his MBA.

You can get the whole story here.

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