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Usually we have a relationship series for the college students, right around February when the topic of love and relationships are in the air. For this year, we have decided to do it earlier.

If there is one issue that has caused the most heartaches and headaches for people, it will have to be on the topic of opposite-sex relationships. We live in a culture where sex sells; and we are inundated with sensual messages on a daily basis. The barrage of images and sound bites keep coming and we get bombarded on every side from the media, our peers and our culture. How is a Christ-follower supposed to sift through all the dissonant voices and clearly hear God’s voice on the topic of opposite-sex relationships?

When I talk with students, I try to find out who shaped their views about relationships. Rarely, do I hear that their parents talk to them about sex. In fact, majority of the people would say that their views and opinions were developed and formulated through the media and their friends. A small percentage would say that they developed a stance on relationships through their youth group or youth pastor.

One thing that I have always been challenged by is being courageous enough to do things differently. This is something that I am trying to teach our kids. But it is not easy. There is something inside of us that wants to conform and follow the crowd, rather than setting the pace and blazing the trail. Simply, we all want to be accepted and belong to something or someone.
But when it comes to relationship, we have to offer the people of this world a different way – a way that leads to life and abundance, rather and hurt and regret.

In all my years of counseling, I have come to the conclusion that a lot of our issues and struggles in life are connected to a relationship issue. Therefore, if we don’t get this right, then we will be headed on a trail which will lead to a dead-end. I would love to see people live in freedom and inside the will of God.

In this series, I am going to do a bit less teaching on the practicals and emphasize more on the theological principles of having healthy relationships. I am praying that people will see more than the “do’s and don’t’s” of relationships and capture God’s heart and plan for relationships that honor God.

But, the practicals will be covered through some time of Q&A, which are always unpredictable and fun – sometimes my raw answers are hard to swallow and digest 🙂

I am looking forward to raising up a new generation of Christ-followers who will honor God by honoring people around them.

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