Super Bowl XLII

The big day is finally here. There are some interesting articles floating around on the world wide web about who is going to win the Super Bowl. But the ESPN article on Tom Brady is quite interesting.

Sometimes when a person is on top, it is easy for people to forget that they did not just get there by smooth sailing. In fact, history will tell us that it is through failures, hard work and determination. It was interesting to read his journey to the top.

In many ways, I couldn’t help but to make the correlation with the spiritual life. We do not get to a certain spiritual level without failures, faithfulness and devotion.

Even though I am always rooting for the underdogs, we will have to represent the tradition and pride of University of Michigan football by cheering on Tom Brady. It is going to be fun.
UM QB-Brady.jpg      Patriots QB-Brady.jpg
Years of training has Brady poised for a perfect history making 19-0 record

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