UPH Festival 2009

Starting tomorrow we will have a booth opened to flyer and talk with students at the Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH). This has really been an answer to prayer. We were not even sure if we could even have a booth since we were not a registered student group. But supposedly at this festival various vendors and people are able to advertise in the center of campus for a whole week!

This was a tremendous open door for us since we wanted to be the first ones reaching out to the new students and even the returning students who have not settled in a church yet or if they have never trusted in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The fact that there was only one more spot open when we inquired was truly the hand of God. We are constantly humbled in the ways that God works. He is teaching us to pray and depend on Him for everything.

The team was busy getting everything ready for tomorrow. We printed the rave cards at the last minute, which was another praise because one of our alumnus had some connections. We also printed out a 3×3 meter banner which only cost us $12 USD! We are also making poster boards with information about our church and how we want to see transformation on this campus and city. We are seriously committed to “transforming lives and transforming the world.”

Hats off to the HMCC of Ann Arbor Publications Team for producing the materials so quickly and on our timetable to make things happen… you guys rock!

Tonight, we spent some time praying for the festival; and we have faith that there will be some divine connections – sovereign setups by God. It is going to be awesome.

I reminded the team that this is the reason why we sacrificed and surrendered everything to come to Indonesia. This is the window of opportunity and we are going through it by God’s grace. Please join us in prayer.
Here is the rave card that we will be handing out tomorrow and for the whole week. We are pumped and ready.
2009 Rave Card

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