Twitter Resurrection

It has been about a year since I signed up for my Twitter account. I have mostly used it to keep in touch with a handful of friends (some who are overseas). It has been a great way to just keep in touch with what is going on with our lives on a regular basis.

But the more I interact with people who are in blogosphere and the internet world, I realized that this is a great way to connect with people and network with new people in the internet world.

Even though I have my blog and my Facebook account, the thing I like about Twitter is the 3 C’s. It is: Concise, Convenient, and Consistent. The whole idea of only having 140 text space to type is a good thing. It keeps things concise and you really cannot blabber on (which some people have said that I have a tendency to do). Since, I always have my phone with me, I am able to conveniently update on what is going on in my life on a consistent basis.

I am going to try to stay connected with people this way and also allow people to stay connected to me. We will see how it goes as I open this up publicly. You can follow me through the day, week or month by adding me on:

If it gets too overwhelming then you will probably not hear from me… but you can also check my blog… haha!