Ear Piercing

My baby girl got her ears pierced today. Awhile back we asked Karissa what she wanted for her birthday and without hesitation she said, “I want my ears pierced!” So after talking it through with Christina, we decided to go for it.

The “recommended” time for kids to get their ears pierced vary, but people have said 5 years old should be fine. KiKi was a brave little girl as she endured the gun that pierced the earring through her ear… ouch!

In fact, as I was watching KiKi get her ears pierced, I was talking it over with Christina about getting my ears pierced. She was all for it, but then I started to think about the bling that I would need to invest in and the thought quickly faded.

Afterwards, we followed our transition and allowed her to pick a restaurant to eat at to celebrate her birthday with the family. Due to all the schedule conflicts, today was the best day to go out to eat. We also went around the table and everyone shared some things that we were thankful to KiKi for. This also gives affirmation to one another and it reminds us that each person in the Kim family plays a significant role in being a blessing to one another.
KiKi's Ear Piercing.JPG
KiKi was a brave young woman to get her ears pierced
KiKi's and Brothers - 5th B-Day.JPG
KiKi will be well protected in the future, especially from the person who shot the picture

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