Diesel: The Junior Class

I had the opportunity to meet up with the Junior Class yesterday. It was encouraging to see so many of them come out. We ended up going around and sharing our 411. Then I opened up the floor for questions. The questions ranged from “what was your past like?” to “how do we achieve unity as a class?”

It is always my prayer that all the classes in our church will experience greater unity as well as develop a greater vision for their class. It is usually through the friendship from our class that causes us to partner together in the future to make an impact for God’s Kingdom.

I am thankful for some of the people in my class during college. I have sustained my friendship with some of them even up till now. Many of them are in the ministry and are serving God faithfully in different parts of the world. They were my groomsmen and now we are partnering together to bring transformation to the world.

I pray that the Junior Class will unite together around a vision and a mission that is bigger than themselves and they will transform the world together. May they be the fuel (diesel) for transformation.

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