2008 Ministry Team Appreciation Dinner

It was great spending some time tonight with people who are serving in the various ministry teams in our church. I was reminded (once again) that people really do make up the church. It is inspiring to see people who have experience the grace and mercy of God and in response to that grace and mercy, they pour out their lives as a living sacrifice.

I am just humbled to see so many people in our church rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in building up God’s Kingdom. We had all the coordinators who are overseeing the various ministry team share some praises about what their teams are doing in our church, as well as encouraging them in their efforts and sacrifices.

A great church is always made up of great people and great people make up a great church. I am thankful to be leading these great people so that we can endeavor to build a great church.

As we move forward further to our destiny, I am praying that we will see more ministries start up in our church so that more people can be reached with the Gospel message. We do not want to settle for the status quo. There is just so much to do and more people to experience transformation. I am privileged to partner up with these servants to bring our church to the next level for His glory.

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