AMI TLT Meeting in NYC

I am at DTW waiting to get on a flight to JFK. For the next 3-4 days, I will be with the TLT (trans-local team) of AMI to pray, plan and prepare for the future things and events. There is so much going on and we are trying to make sure that we are doing […]

2008 Ministry Team Appreciation Dinner

It was great spending some time tonight with people who are serving in the various ministry teams in our church. I was reminded (once again) that people really do make up the church. It is inspiring to see people who have experience the grace and mercy of God and in response to that grace and […]

Diesel: The Junior Class

I had the opportunity to meet up with the Junior Class yesterday. It was encouraging to see so many of them come out. We ended up going around and sharing our 411. Then I opened up the floor for questions. The questions ranged from “what was your past like?” to “how do we achieve unity […]

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