Praise Night 2008

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I am looking forward to our annual Praise Night coming up tomorrow. This year we decided to do something different. Usually we have one big praise night for the whole church, but since our church is growing and the number of small groups wanting to participate is large, we are going to have two smaller venue Praise Nights. The focus will be more towards the Undergraduates and the Graduate students. We are also going to have it according to the various areas around campus – Hill area and Central area.

But one thing that will not change is the purpose and the focus of Praise Night. Over the years we have seen Praise Nights as an avenue to boast about what God is doing in the various small groups. But it has been a great avenue for people to invite their friends to witness how great our God is. There are times when God speaks to people not only through the preaching of His Word through the pastor, but through the preaching of God’s character through the arts and media.

There are so many Gospel topics and themes that when a small group is able to display God’s heart (His love, forgiveness, grace, patience, mercy, and etc) people are moved. In fact, there have been many people who started to come out to our small group ministry and even our church after the Praise Nights.

But the best part of the night is the time of praise at the end of all the presentations. After getting all the glimpses of God’s character through the presentations, now people are able to give worth to the One that is truly deserving of all the praise, glory and honor.

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