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I have been trying to encourage a lot of our members to find avenues to influence the world for Jesus Christ. Sometimes people have a hard time trying to figure out how they can incorporate their gifts, skill sets, purpose, and passions together. Some people think there is an oxymoron when it comes to being in the secular world and making a difference for Jesus Christ.

Now, if we are constantly bashing people with the “turn or burn” message (albeit it is a true message and it has to be preached at times), then it might repel people rather than attract them to Christ.

It always helps to remember the imago dei principle when it comes to missions, evangelism and influence. Since we are all made in the “image of God” there are some inherent truths or principles that are common to all people. One good example is the desire to make a difference in someone else’s life. This desire points to the importance principle of significance. We all want to feel significance in what we do with our lives, whether you are a Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu or Christian.

Therefore, when we are able to speak to people on this level, then they will inquire about what “makes us tick.” The opportunities will be endless.

One of our members, who is helping to direct the Transformasphere Movement, just recently got accepted to be a writer for the Next Billion movement. They are an organization that focuses on how businesses can bring positive social and environmental change in low-income communities. Their goal is “to promote the development and implementation of business strategies that open opportunities and improve quality of life for the world’s four billion low-income producers and consumers.”

Wait a minute. Isn’t this what the church should be doing because we are driven by the Gospel which is to be brought to all peoples?

We want to continue to raise up people who will be ready to transform the world. It is encouraging when I hear of guys in our church who are on the frontlines making that difference.

You can check out our member’s profile here.

Also his first blog post making a difference in the blogosphere is here

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