A Reflection on the 40-Days

As my family and I are getting ready for the Miracle Sunday Offering and the Pledge service tomorrow, I couldn’t help but to feel this sense of gratitude in my heart. It is amazing that our whole church went through 40 days of reading the Bible together, as well as spending time in prayer for the Destiny Campaign. For our family, it was a joy to see the boys reading through the Bible schedule. We also spent Mondays sharing about the passage and praying together for the Destiny Campaign.

When I thoroughly think through what we are trying to do as a church, I am just speechless. We are not a church with a lot of well-established adults who have made their fortune and fame. Instead, we are a church with a lot of college students (who have little resources), single adults (just starting off in their careers) and young families (navigating through their tight budgets).

How in the world are we going to raise $1.7 million and even shooting for $2.2 million with renovation cost? It seems like such an incredible feat that unless God is in it, it is doomed to fail. This is what we are banking on. We believe that God is in it and that God is with us. This is why we can respond in faith.

Just today, I sent out an e-mail to the church reminding them about the Miracle Sunday Offering and the Pledge service. Then within a hour of my e-mail, an alumnus who is half way across the world responded back with an amount that they want to give. When I read the e-mail, it blessed me a lot. Then I realized that even though they are thousands of miles away and they haven’t been back to Ann Arbor for a long time, they are still committed to the vision. When I told Christina this, we came to the conclusion that those people who have truly experienced transformation are the ones who will give sacrificially. Why? Because since they have experienced it for themselves, they want other people to experience it as well.

I believe these past 40 days have been journey of faith. Now, as we a day away from reaching the next step in our destiny, I am confident that the people of God will respond by faith to the challenge that is before us.

I just praise God for His Faithfulness to our church for the last 11+ years and it is His Faithfulness that will carry us through the future. What an incredible ride!

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