Oprah and Her Religion

I have a confession to make. The handful of episodes that I have watched of the Oprah Show in my lifetime was pretty moving. I think she has a way of connecting with people like no one else. It is truly like a worship experience for many people, as their hearts are tugged and moved […]

My Long Awaited Doctor’s Appointment

In the last 4-5 months Christina has been trying to get me to see a doctor for a health check up. I don’t know what it is about men and doctor’s appointments, but it is like mixing oil and water together. It was quite an experience trying to describe my lifestyle to the doctor. I […]

The Love of Dogs

As I was driving Josiah to soccer today, I saw something that really caught my attention. Our exit off the highway was quickly approaching therefore, I signaled and moved over to the right lane. Then all of a sudden there was chaos. There were about 6-7 cars pulled over on the side of the highway […]

Staff Gathering for the Kim Family

Today, the staff, their families and our family got together after Sunday Celebration to bless Pastor Ben and Susan, as they are getting ready to make their transition to Austin, TX. It was a good time to just relax and hang out. We had a late lunch (or early dinner). Then we went around to […]

The Diag Transformed

We went out for a dinner break from our Board Meeting. After dinner we ended up taking a walk towards the Diag where they are going to have the commencement ceremony. What a fiasco with not being able to have it at the football stadium. It was quite a sight. They transformed the center of […]

2008 Board Summit

The Board members and I are heading off to hold our annual summit today. We would greatly appreciate your prayers. For some reason, we are sensing a greater urgency at this summit than the ones in the past. I am encouraged the members to fast today in order to help prepare and focus in on […]

The Topic of Islam Will Not Go Away – Part 2

Many Christians wonder – “How in the world can a Muslim convert to Christianity? What would cause a professing Muslims to turn to Christ?” These are not easy questions. But one clear way is through a revelation of who God is, whether it is through a dream or a vision. There are some powerful testimonies […]

The Topic of Islam Will Not Go Away

As Islam is growing in various parts of the world, the role of Christians in the debate will have to be addressed. Christians have been caricaturized in so many negative ways when it comes to trying to dialogue or interact with the topic of Islam and/or Muslims. But God is raising up people who are […]

Pangea Day

There are some things in this world that universally speaks to the human heart. Music and film have a way of touching the mind, heart and emotions, regardless of what ethnicity or cultural background a person is from. I was able to witness this when I went on a mission trip to Africa during my […]

Chicago 04.20.08 Update

We had a great Sunday Celebration. I did the part two of talking about God’s grace. It was encouraging to see some of the Ann Arbor church members join us. This is the beauty of being connected like this as a church. People from both churches are able to visit one another and lift one […]

The Leadership Life of the Senior Pastor

Whenever I meet up with people, one question that comes up time and time again is: “So, Pastor Seth, what is your life like outside of Sundays?” I always look at them and ask them if they want the abridged version or the long version 🙂 Being a lead pastor is not for everybody; and […]

Chicago Weekend of 04.19.08

        I will be heading out to Chicago this weekend. It will be another jam packed couple of days with gatherings and meetings. Christina and I talked this morning that it if we had to choose between laziness and busyness, we would choose busyness. But she did say, she wouldn’t mind a […]

Awareness Test

It is amazing how we can get so focused on something that we lose sight of the bigger picture. But more than that, it is easy to lose sight of the important things. There have been many times when I have been so focused on something regarding the church or ministry that I forget things […]

Sex Ed

Tonight Christina and I went to Josiah’s school’s sex education program for the 5th graders. Yes… Josiah went with us. This is one thing good about sending kids to a Christian school at the early and formative years for a child – they are able to address big topics with a Christian worldview. They had […]

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