The Diag Transformed

We went out for a dinner break from our Board Meeting. After dinner we ended up taking a walk towards the Diag where they are going to have the commencement ceremony. What a fiasco with not being able to have it at the football stadium. It was quite a sight. They transformed the center of the University of Michigan into what looked like a huge outdoor concert staging.

I was able to talk to a police officer to let me in beyond the “caution” yellow tape and take a picture near her police vehicle. I wanted to take a picture with her but she was afraid that it will be on YouTube… HAHA!

What would it be like if we were able to have a gathering for worship on the Diag one day?
Diag Setup2008.jpg
31,940 chairs on the Diag… truly incredible… you just had to see it
Police Car at Diag.jpg
This pose brought back memories from my life before Christ 🙂

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