Chicago 04.20.08 Update

We had a great Sunday Celebration. I did the part two of talking about God’s grace. It was encouraging to see some of the Ann Arbor church members join us. This is the beauty of being connected like this as a church. People from both churches are able to visit one another and lift one another up in prayer.

After Sunday Celebration, I met up with two couples. I realized that in the midst of all the travels back and back to Chicago that I did not spend as much time as I wanted to with the married couples in our church. It was good to just chill with them and even here some of their perspective about playing a role in our church.

Then I finished off a pre-marital counseling session for an engaged couple. It is exciting to see that the Chicago is not just for the college campus guys but that we are reaching out to some of the single adults and married couples.

In about 10 minutes, I will be heading out to UIC campus to minister to the HMCC group out there. Today is going to be special because we will have some in-coming freshmen join us in our time together.

Then afterwards, Pastor Peter and I will be meeting up with a youth pastor here in Chicago. It is always good to hear what God is doing in the high school and junior high students because they will be the future college students.

Hopefully, I will get some rest after everything is over and then the whole week starts up again tomorrow with our staff meeting. God’s overflowing grace is more than enough.

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