Rancho Capistrano, California

It has been great getting away from everything and spending some time in prayer. The TLT and I have been spending portions of the day in personal times of prayer and reflection. Then we would come together to plan and discuss things that are related to AMI.

I am seeing the benefit of getting away from everything and trying to hear the voice of the Lord. It really helps that we are very close to nature. There is a mountain right next to us, albeit it is a small mountain. Then there is this pond where I have been walking around and spending some time in meditation.

I also came across this fountain that reinforced an important principle in ministry (and in life). It is a 4 level fountain where water would spout out from the top and then overflow to the next level and continues on until it reached the bottom. I realized how important it is to have the flow from the top to be strong. Then it can overflow to the next level and then to the next. I couldn’t help but to notice all the little “ripples” the drops of water was making on the bottom level.

If we are serious about transformation and bringing ripples to the nations then it has to start with the pastors and leaders in HMCC as well as in AMI.

Rancho California.JPG
Can’t ask for anything more – mountains right in the backyard
Rancho California2.JPG
A beautiful oasis where I have been spending time in reflection
Rancho California Fountain.JPG
Some principles of transformation are reinforced in this ripple fountain

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