Pastor Appreciation Day

I went to Josiah’s and Elliot’s school today. As some of you know, they are at a Christian school. Christina and I had debates about whether to send them to a Christian school or to the public school.

We came to the conclusion that in these formative years, it is more important to focus on the environment than anything else. If things like self-esteem, identity in Christ, Christian values, etc. are nourished and developed then it will go a long way when they get older and face all the peer pressure.

The school invited the pastors of the community in order to appreciate us. The boys were excited to show off their dad who is a pastor – I am praying that this is how they will feel for the rest of their lives 🙂

It was also a blessing to see so many of my pastor colleagues in the county there. It was nice catching up with many of them.

The best part was when they showed a list of all the things that pastors did (the list was formed by all the responses from the kids) and they were thankful for us. Man… the list was long … no wonder pastors are always burnt out… haha!

We closed out by getting into their normal prayer groups and all the pastors joined a group and received prayers from the students and then the pastors closed out in prayer for the kids. It was truly a blessing. Then the pastors were invited to stop by any of the classrooms to say hello. I quickly found Josiah’s and Elliot’s classrooms. You should have seen their faces!

It is my prayer that they will always be blessed to be PK’s.
Pastor's Appr Day.JPG
All the different classes participated in making this day happen. Some of them read Scripture and others sang… but the Kindergarten class made this necklace for all the pastors… I was blessed.

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