2007 Vietnam Update 1

Yesterday was an incredible time of teaching on various levels. First of all, I don’t think I have stood up for 7-8 hours to just teach … but talking for 7-8 hours, I have definitely done that before 🙂 We start at 8AM and end around 4:30PM with a break in between. The age range goes from the late teens to several people in their 40’s.

Secondly, the spiritual hunger of these students was encouraging to witness. Even though the teaching is done through a translator, they are still attentive and eager to learn. In the last day and a half, we have covered the Book of Matthew all the way through 2 Thessalonians. We are at the half way point.

After each of the main sessions, I try to lead the students in a time of prayer. We have had some wonderful time of impartation and intercessory prayer. It was encouraging to see that many of these students were taught how to pray. I realized that loud unified prayer is not just a “Korean” thing, but people from various nations pray in the same manner as in HMCC. I think the persecution and the situation here causes people to be passionate and desperate for God.

Everyday in the afternoon (after each session) I have been transported back and forth from the hotel to the house, where we have classes, by a motorcycle. My dream has come true! With the wind in my hair and the speed of a motorcycle (they only go about 40 mph at the maximum), I am able to live vicariously.

This is my faithful motorcycle transporter… I wish I had a Harley VRod!

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