A Dream Is Conceived

It was a crazy trip out to Chicago. The family and I drove out to Chicago Tuesday morning. We celebrated Jake’s b-day (the kids’ uncle) in the afternoon. Then on Wednesday evening we met up with people who wanted to know more about the future church plant on the Northwestern University campus.

I was telling the group that if it wasn’t for Jesus and the church plant then the likelihood of all of us gathering together like this was very slim… haha! But it was a great mix of people from different backgrounds and personalities.

I shared about what God was doing in HMCC and how He has led us to this point of starting another HMCC church in Chicago. I fielded some questions and then we ended up spending some time in prayer.

As we were driving back late into the night with all the icy rain, I couldn’t help but to be thankful. I just remember how I used to drive the other way around when we were in the process of planting the church in Ann Arbor. Christina and I were sharing about how we had a good feeling about what God was going to do in Northwestern. It truly is a God thing.

We got back home at 3:30AM… everyone was so tired. But the momentum is building and the revolution is starting!

Praying together for the vision…


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