Charlotte Gathering Update 1

We arrived to a beautiful Bed & Breakfast home on Monday. It is definitely away from the busy city life and in more of a rural area with a river in the back yard.

Already we had two intense sessions, where we talked about several of Dallas Willard’s books. It is always a lively conversation and dialogue when some of my close pastor friends are together, but mostly because of the topic of transformation.

Today, we covered the whole idea of inner transformation. As pastors, we have concluded that people in our churches do not change as readily as we would like to see them radically transformed. We looked a little bit more reflectively on ourselves and concluded that we, as pastors don’t change as quickly either.

A lot of the discussions have really stirred up some good ideas as well as food for thought in our ministry context.

In the evening we have been fellowshipping together and building our relationships. It is still hard to believe that I have known some of these guys for close to 25 years. It is always a blessing when you have people that you are still running the race together with.

Tomorrow we are going to talk about bringing forth transformation in society with the Kingdom of God perspective. I am already excited just thinking about it… it should be a good day tomorrow.

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