Vietnam Update 6

First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you who have been praying for us. God is good and He has been answering your prayers. Yesterday, Pastor Keith met up with the former Ambassador of France. It was truly a God thing! The ambassador has committed himself in opening doors for us, as we teach English and put on other social related classes. What we thought would take months to start up can now open up anytime in just a 1 week period – oh what “connections” can do.

On this Sunday morning, we went to visit an International Church in Hanoi. Most of the Christian expatriates attend this church. It kind of had a familiar flavor with churches in the States but it was definitely different because there were many nations represented – a glimpse of heaven.

Then we ended up going to a Vietnamese style food court in the city for lunch. It was a good time of fellowship. We are getting ready to go back to Ho Chi Minh City tomorrow. Then from there we will be flying out to Shanghai, China.

God is opening up tremendous doors for us to start up English Academies and various businesses. We are also seeing God open up doors for future training schools for various underground church leaders and pastors.

As I am sitting here at a café, it is humbling to think that I am alive to experience all that God is doing in my generation. I am truly blessed.

Here are some pictures:
Streets at Night.jpg
The streets of Hanoi at night – try crossing to the other side. For the old school people… it is just like playing Frogger on the highest level… crazy!
Int'l Church.jpg
Sunday morning worship celebration in the Hanoi International Fellowship church.
Food Court.jpg
This a Vietnamese style food court… I think there is a restaurant in every other building. It is all about the Pho!
Eating Ribs.JPG
After eating like this… Pastor Bruce and I have been talking about working off our food testimony. We have been taking the stairs instead of the elevators in our hotel. Translation: we are afraid of what our wives would say when we come back not as muscular and handsome as before 🙂

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