Atlanta Update 2

Yesterday, we had to change our plans. The Georgian schools started this week (early huh?) and Six Flags changed their hours of operation to only the weekends. One thing I have learned over the years is that you have to be “flexible” in everything. If not, then life will become difficult – not only for you but for others.

Therefore, we shifted gears and decided to go to Martin Luther King, Jr. Center and birth home. Even though I went there some years back, this time, going with the kids was a little different. I really wanted my kids to be inspired by King’s courage, compassion and convictions. I think this is something that we want to do every year. Wherever we end up going, we want to try to find some historical aspect of that particular city and make it educational for the children.

After dinner, we went over to Pastor’s Matt house and finally met Ella, their first child (little over 3 months old). The kids loved playing with her – especially, with her hair that was constantly praising the Lord.

Then, I spent some time with Pastor Matt and his staff. It was great just listening to some of their insightful questions and imparting some of the lessons that I have learned over the years at HMCC. I told them that I have more things to share that are related to “what not to do” than things that were successfully done. Afterwards, Pastor Matt and I had some personal time to talk about ministry and life. It was a great time of just connecting together.

Today, in the morning we finally headed out to Six Flags Over Georgia. The boys wanted to go on the various roller coaster rides, so we mapped out a game plan and hit as many as we could in our allotted time. It is pretty scary knowing that my boys love roller coaster rides at this age. They might get addicted to speed and things that involve adrenaline inducing activities, just like their mother 🙂

We just arrived back to Chicago and now, we are preparing to get up in the morning to visit HMCC of Chicago tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing and witnessing all that God has been doing in this church.
MLK Center.JPG
Trying to inspire the next generation of leaders
MLK's House.JPG
The birth house of MLK
Ebenezer Church.JPG
The boys in front of Ebenezer Church where MLK was a pastor
KiKi and Swing Ride.JPG
The sheer joy on KiKi’s face as she is enjoying the swing ride
Elliot the Track Star.JPG
Since Elliot couldn’t be at Beijing, we decided to have our own race

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