2007 SE Asia Update 3

Today was an encouraging day. I had the opportunity to visit a watchtower (24/7 prayer room) which was opened by Gereja Bethel Indonesia Church. They started this prayer ministry back in 1998! For close to 9 years, they have been praying 24/7. It reminded me of Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians with their prayer movement. They had a 24/7 prayer tower for close to 100 years.

This is the reason why there is a revival in Indonesia. Prayer always precedes God’s work and revival. I had the opportunity to share briefly about the importance of college campuses all around the world and how they will play a key role in the next missions movement around the world. The intercessors ended up praying for me, our churches in Ann Arbor and Chicago and the United States.

I left the prayer tower refreshed and renewed in my commitment to prayer.

Then we headed out to the outskirts of Jakarta to see a new building being built (it is more like an arena). It is going to have an 18,000 seating capacity and cost close to $25 million! But the unique thing about this church building is that it is being built by many churches in Jakarta. Even though Pastor Niko Njotorahardjo from Gerja Bethel Indonesia Church is taking the lead, they are not going to put any church’s name on the building. Instead, they are going to call it Sentul City House of Prayer for All Nations.

They believe that when the Church in Indonesia is unified, they will be able to do great things and souls will be won. I have yet to hear about churches coming together to contribute to build a facility that will be used to reach out to the people. They are going to continue with the prayer movement by building a 12-story prayer watchtower. The Muslims have their minarets and now Christians in Indonesia will have their prayer tower.

Tomorrow, I will be heading out to Pekanburu, Indonesia to meet up with Pastor Paul Liu. I am excited to see what God is doing in that area of Indonesia.
Watchtower Prayer.JPG
The maps that the intercessors use in the watchtower prayer room
Watchtower group.JPG
I was able to take a quick picture with these intercessors
Building Site.JPG
My first hard hat experience as we checked out the Sentul City House of Prayer for All Nations facilities
Watchtower on Building.JPG
There was a 24/7 prayer house right on the site of the new facility that was going up – incredible! They were building not only the physical pillars of the building but also the spiritual pillars

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