2007 SE Asia Update 2

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit one of our HMCC former members in her office. She is currently helping out with the Billy Graham’s Hope for Indonesia campaign called My Hope Indonesia. It was pretty exciting to see how God sovereignly placed her as one of the main directors. She is trying to mobilize as many churches and pastors together for the effort of reaching all of Indonesia.

I also had the privilege of meeting a man from Singapore who was visiting Indonesia for the My Hope Indonesia project. As I was talking with him, I found out that he came to know the Lord when Billy Graham came to Singapore for a crusade back in 1978. He shared about how he felt convicted to help out with the My Hope campaign as a “thanksgiving offering.” He gave up his job to serve for one year on this campaign.

I realized a principle that constantly proves to be true – whenever we are blessed, we must become a blessing. What would happen if more people lived like this? The problem is that too many of us forget how blessed we really are. It is always encouraging to see people learning how to give when they have been blessed by God.

Then in the evening I met up with Pastor Jimmy. He is an apostolic leader here in Jakarta. It was pretty humbling to sit and chat with a man of God that has planted close to 500 churches all over the world.

The best part was when I asked him some questions that were more “methods” and “strategic” in nature and he ended up never answering the question – well, he did answer it without really answering it… does that make sense?! He answered it by saying, “it all comes down to being intimate with God and loving Him” – pretty innovative huh? 🙂

You can read up on some of the things that are happening in Indonesia with this one key church here.
Thanksgiving offering brother.JPG
This is brother Choo who gave up one year of his life as a thanksgiving offering
Pastor Jimmy.JPG
Pastor Jimmy who is one of the key apostolic leaders here in Jakarta
Me and Fish.JPG
Indonesian food had bumped up in my ranking of foods – this fried fish dish was incredible!

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