Charlotte Gathering

I am at the airport getting ready to board my plane to Charlotte, NC. Over the years I have learned to appreciate my times with fellow pastors and friends who are in the ministry. It is good to constantly challenge one another and also to learn from one another.

Every two years, some of my closest pastor friends have committed to gathering together to sharpen our ministry skills. As I have said many times, “everything rises and falls with leadership.” If I, as the lead pastor, am not growing spiritually, then the church cannot go beyond a certain level. In many ways, pastors become the lid for the church.

This is why I am constantly challenged to grow and bring our church to the next level. My pastor friends and I usually have a topic that we read up on and do research on and then we come together to discuss and share our insights together.

In the past, these have been awesome times of stretching my thinking and perspective. In fact, after some of our discussions, I have implemented some of the “take aways” into our ministry and I have seen some good fruits from it. I am praying that this year will have greater fruits because we are talking about transformation within (character) and transformation without (engaging the world).

This year will be a bit different because a handful of younger guys who are faithfully serving the Lord in the marketplace have helped fund some of the expense… and then in return, we are going to share a meal together and give a summary of what we talked about. I was blessed to see that there are people who are willing to learn from us and they were even willing to pay their own way.

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