Trip Back to the States Part 2

Time has flown by so quickly. It just seems like yesterday that I was heading back to the States to make my first visit to all the HMCC churches. But for some reason, this time around it definitely feels different.

The first time back to the States in November 2009, I went with a different mentality. I think I went with some trepidation wondering how the church was transitioning without me being there. But to my delight, the church was strong and growing; and the other churches were also experiencing God’s blessings.

I am so proud of our guys. They did not just try to “survive” but instead they determined to thrive in the midst of all the transitions. We have seen many new people give their lives to Christ; and we have seen the spiritual foundations of the members strengthened.

On this trip there are 4 clear goals for me:

1) Recast the vision of the house
2) Reconnect with people
3) Ready the people for the transition back
4) Reveal the 2020 vision

I have vowed not to make this second trip as crazy as the first one, where I was going back to back with non-stop meetings, but as I am looking at my schedule, it is not going to happen. It is just too hard with the limited time that I have in each of the churches. Therefore, I am asking for extra prayer and a lot of espressos!

God is doing some great things all over the world. God is moving and we want to be in step with Him. I am excited to come and visit for 2 weeks. I can’t wait to share all that God is doing in Indonesia and even Singapore!

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