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Church is a messy place. It is filled with messy people. This is why a church represents real life with real people. But God’s commitment to the Church, His Bride is phenomenal. This is why God is constantly purifying it and strengthening it. It is through the Church where the manifold wisdom of God is made known (Eph 3:10). It is also through the Church where God’s heart is communicated.

God is writing a beautiful story of love, grace and redemption through the Church.

I am excited to start our new Sunday sermon series called, “Real Church” as we study the Book of 1 Corinthians together. It is going to be an awesome series as we delve into God’s timeless truths through a letter that was written to a church filled with messy people with some messy issues. But through it all, we will see that God is committed to His Bride no matter what (Mt 16:18)!

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