2007 SE Asia Update 1

I finally arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is truly a blessing when one of your former members has access to the airport and helps out with the customs and visa. It is probably one of the smoothest entry processes that I have ever experienced.

I met up with Louisa who came to know the Lord while she was in Ann Arbor. I still remember when her mom and sister came out to the baptism. It was a blessing to see people experience Christ and then sent back to their country to make a different for the Lord.

Louisa and her sister took me out to eat some genuine Indonesia food! It was like fireworks for my taste buds. In this restaurant, they bring their whole arsenal of selection and then at the end you just pay for what you have eaten.

Then we visited their father’s company. It is encouraging to see how their whole family is helping out with the company by using their gifts and talents.

There are several meetings lined up for this evening… I will share more later on.
Indonesia Food.JPG
A new meaning to “piling up the food” – incredible!
Coffee Progression.JPG
Louisa and her family owned company called JJ Royal – this is a progression of their packaging development over the years
Louisa and Klarissa.JPG
Louisa and her sister advertising their new joint venture with a French company
Me and Coffee.JPG
Trying to help advertise their product – the packaging of the coffee is off the hook
Indonesia and cycles.JPG
Why is it that every country outside of the U.S. is filled with motorcycles?

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