Youth Revival Meeting

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Later on today I will be heading out to New Jersey for a youth revival meeting. Sometimes I wonder if I can still minister to high school and junior high students, let alone college students. I am realizing that speakers all go through phases. As we get older, we have a tendency to speak to people who are growing in age with us. Thus, I should be speaking to single adults and married couples right now.

But for some reason, God has put a big heart for the youth and college students. Maybe it is the thought of the future generations being raised to transform the world that compels me to them. Or maybe it is realizing how crucial it is for students to experience God’s love at that age. Nevertheless, whatever the reason, I see the importance of influencing and impacting the younger generations for Christ.

I am praying that God would touch the lives of these students the same way God touched my life in high school. I was never the same once I have experienced God’s love.

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