Chile Missions 2010 Update 3

It is hard to believe we have only been in Chile for 5.5 days because so much has happened. I am constantly amazed at God’s grace over our church and our missions program over the years. God has always protected us and He has always provided for us in huge ways. For some reason, God is constantly opening doors for us as we step out in faith. After awhile, it is very obvious that God honors people who honor Him by exhibiting great faith in a Great God.

There are several things that have happened so far that clearly indicts the hand of God’s favor upon this trip:

1) We found favor with the mayor and his office in the city of Constitucion. When we arrived in Constitucion after an overnight bus drive from Santiago, a few of us went into the mayor’s office to ask for permission to use the plaza for a presentation. I think it helped to mentioned that a bunch of people from the United States all the here to present things to the people. Not only did the mayor give us permission, but he gave us access to the city’s official events planner named Luis. After talking with Luis, we found out that he was a fellow Christ-follower. This is just like God to position a person of influence to open doors for us. Luis was so thrilled that we came all the way from Santiago to share the love of Christ. He ended up opening the doors for us to go to all the news media outlets in Constitucion to announce the 2-day event. After a few phone calls, we had a T.V. Interview, as well as a press conference with all the newspapers and radio stations. It was humbling to see when God opens doors, He really opens doors in a big way. This gave us access to the whole plaza with the electricity to do the presentations and to freely share God’s love. Only an Awesome God can set up something like this.

2) The hearts of the church members in Pueblo de Dios were unified with the hearts of our team members. We are all staying in different church members’ homes. I think it is pretty remarkable that they would all open up their homes to us and share their lives. Some of the team members were noticing that some families did not have all the provisional blessings that we do in the States, but to see their open hearts and their generosity have really humbled us. No language or culture barriers can separate people who speak the language of Christ’s love. Not only have we experienced Christ’s love through the host families, but we have experienced it powerfully through the members who went on this trip to Constitucion. They had so much more to offer than what we could ever give to them. Their servant like attitudes and their passion for people have really left us speechless. Gone are the days where us, “Americans” come to another country to show the nationals how to do missions. They are literally teaching us. This is why it is so good to be here with the members and serving side by side.

3) We have been bonding together as a team. I remember the first time I saw the list for the missions team. My first thought was, “How in the world will a group of people who are so different be able to come together to serve?” But God has quickly answered this question by reminding me the power of prayer and purpose. From the missions luncheon to our ministry here in Chile, God has brought our hearts together because of the greater purpose of building God’s Kingdom. Our time together in prayer has also helped us to be spiritually connected. I firmly believe that our experiences together will have lasting impact for the future.

We spent the New Year’s Eve enjoying each others company with a great Chilean meal, then we spent ushering in the new year with prayer. It has been good spending a few days together as a team and getting recharged for the weekend ministry. We are looking forward to ministering in the church on Sunday. Then the days following, we will be ministering in various places within Santiago.

We want to finish off strong with the time that we have left. Please continue to pray for us. Thanks for the partnership in the Gospel.

Getting ready for our outreach in Constitucion

Morning devotions before going out to minister

Pastor Sergio being interviewed with a news outlet in Constitucion

Ministering to the kids of Constitucion through various activities

The kids enjoying a time of songs and some hip Chilean moves

I don’t know how well the Chileans took to an Asian clown but it was for His glory 🙂

People responding to the Gospel presentation at the Plaza in center city of Constitucion

The team doing some presentations at the Plaza outreach

Powerful time of praying for one another. Transculturalism in action.

The team took some time to share with one another at a park

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