2007 SE Asia Update 4

I am in Pekanbaru right now. I arrived yesterday and I am already noticing the difference between Jakarta and this area. First of all, the internet connection is not only slow but there aren’t as many wifi places. I am currently using Pastor Paul’s cell phone to connect to the internet world. But meeting the various people here so far has eclipsed the internet problems.

Today, I had the opportunity to meet a person who is going to start a bible school. Since Pekanbaru does not have many resources, many people who want to get bible training end up going to larger cities in Indonesia and even to Singapore. But many of them do not come back to reinvest in this region. Therefore, starting a training school right here will help people get trained as well as continue to stay in this area to make a difference for Christ.

Once again, I am seeing the need for good bible schools and training centers all over the world.

Then I had the opportunity to visit a school in the city. It was a tremendous testimony. The school is just one year old and in their first year they had 240 students! Now with the 2nd year starting within a week they have 600 students registered. They just ended up building a new facility which is state of the art according to Indonesian terms. The need for good educational system is tremendous in Indonesia.

Pastor Paul and I ended up having lunch with the pastor who had the vision of starting the school in this area. Pastor Willie shared about how even the land for the school, which is in a prime location, was donated by someone. He was even sharing about how his church building was funded by various people who wanted to give. Half way through the conversation, I told him that he needed to lay his hands on me so that I can receive his anointing… haha!

It has been good spending some time with Pastor Paul, Ailsa and Caitlyn. It is always good to be around friends and just hanging out together – reminiscing and laughing together.

I will be preaching at Pastor Paul’s international church tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers.
Paul and family.JPG
Pastor Paul and family
Pastor Willie.JPG
Pastor Willie and the school that he started in order to do missions in Indonesia

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