A Full Day in Indonesia

We got up in the morning and headed out for the 11AM service at the International English Service, one of the handful of international churches out here in Jakarta. The preacher spoke on Acts 2:42-47, the classic passage on community and the early church. They were trying to promote their small groups. It reminded me […]

Alumni Around the World

Today in the morning, Stephen, Moses and I headed towards the Singapore National Library. It is an awesome 16-story library complex which reflects the beauty of Singaporean architecture. We also had the opportunity to just walk around in the common area where young people were gathered today playing various sports. It was fun randomly talking […]

A Stop Over in Singapore

After 20+ hours of travel, we finally arrived in Singapore and met up with Stephen Suyro, who is another former member of HMCC. It has been fascinating connecting the dots on this trip. Both Dave and Stephen came to know the Lord through their time in HMCC. There is something powerful about having people discover […]

Hong Kong Stop

I am always amazed how God orchestrates things for His glory and our good. As I have mentioned earlier, I had no idea that there was a stopover in Hong Kong when we originally purchased the plane tickets. Therefore, we had no time to plan for our time in Hong Kong, even though it was […]

In Transit to Indonesia

We are at a long layover here at Chicago in ORD (O’Hare Airport). I was tempted to step out and grab some good Chicago food (i.e. hotdogs, gyros, or deep dish pizza) while we are waiting, but we decided to just stay here and work on things and just talk. We just found out that […]

Quick Trip to Indonesia

I am about to head out to the airport soon. I will be heading out to Jakarta via Singapore for a really quick 7 day trip. The first stop will be in Singapore to meet up with some of the HMCC alumni there. Then I will be heading into Jakarta to lay down some ground […]

The Hannah Montana Craze

        As I shared in my Easter Celebration message, the Hannah Montana craze is getting out of hand. The problem is not so much the young kids, but the parents. It is amazing to see what lengths some parents would do to get tickets to a Hannah Montana’s concert. Just Google “Priscilla […]

Day 23 of Destiny

        It is hard to believe we have passed the half way point for our 40-Days to Destiny campaign. It has been encouraging to see many people in our church follow the reading plan. Even as we have been journaling some of our thoughts on the reading, it is awesome to see […]

The Kingdom Expanded

It is humbling to think that God always gives us the privilege to participate with Him in the great work of salvation. After finding out the number of people who have made decisions to make Christ their Lord and Savior from this past weekend, it brought tremendous joy to the hearts of the staff. It […]

Easter Weekend

What an awesome weekend! I am still trying to process through everything. We are going to have a staff meeting tomorrow morning; so hopefully we will be able to evaluate and spend some time in praise to God. I was reminded once again that when everyone contributes and does their part, it becomes a powerful […]

2008 Easter at the Theater

        I am looking forward to having our Easter Celebration at the Michigan Theater again. Last year’s celebration was a blessing as we were able to use one of the historic theaters in Ann Arbor. By God’s grace we were able to pack out the place last year; and we are praying […]

2008 Good Friday

        For some reason, more than previous years, I am growing a greater appreciation for the cross. Maybe it is because as a person gets older, they are realizing more of their weaknesses and shortcomings. This causes a person to see more of their need for forgiveness, mercy and grace. George Croly […]

Heroes in the Family

The last several days I have been trying to play Mr. Mom because Christina came down with the flu. She was immobilized with a fever and body aches. This has caused me to put a hold on my regular routine of life to help out more around the home. After a couple of days, I […]

Lessons on Terrelle Pryor

        There were shouts of joy in Columbus and shouts of anger in Ann Arbor when Terrelle Pryor, the nation’s number one ranked high school recruit from Jeannette High School in Pennsylvania decided to go to Ohio State University. The University of Michigan was one of his top choices and Rich Rodriguez, […]

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