Quick Trip to Indonesia

I am about to head out to the airport soon. I will be heading out to Jakarta via Singapore for a really quick 7 day trip. The first stop will be in Singapore to meet up with some of the HMCC alumni there. Then I will be heading into Jakarta to lay down some ground work for a future international church plant.

One of the hard things about short trips is that each day and even every hour is packed with meetings and purposeful visits to various places. It is going to be good to meeting up with some HMCC alumni in Jakarta, as well as some new contacts. There are some business people who are heavily invested in Indonesia.

I am going to meet up with different people to learn from their experience and their vault of wisdom that they have gained over the years. It is always fun going to a place with my “learner cap” on. I am pretty sure I will be asking a lot of questions.

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