May 08 Dallas Trip Update 2

Yesterday, I came back from Dallas. It is good to be back home. Usually after these kinds of conferences, I come back with mixed feelings. On one hand, I am a bit overwhelmed realizing some of the great things God is doing through some of these pastors and churches. It reminds me that God is so much bigger than one ministry or church.

I am also encouraged and more determined to apply the various “best practices” and principles in our context. It was inspiring to hear that all of these ministries had humble beginnings, but now they are making some global difference.

Last night, Dino Rizzo shared about some lessons about not going surfing alone. It was a get metaphor for how ministry should be done. We also heard from Mike Durso, who pastors Christ Tabernacle in NYC. They have one of the best choirs and ministry to the hip-hop culture. Pastor Mike was commissioned byJim Cymbala and Brooklyn Tabernacle Church. He talked about the importance of corporate prayer and how it transforms a church.

It was great reconnecting with old friendships as well as make some new ones. There is something about being around people who are like-minded and are striving towards the same thing that brings encouragement and inspiration.
Dino Rizzo 08.JPG
It was great hearing from Dino as he shared his personal testimony and some awesome insights

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