May 08 Dallas Trip Update 1

Last night we had our first session of this conference. Robert Barriger from Peru shared about branding and the importance of value. He used the famous Blue Ocean Strategy to help describe what is going to take to do ministry with a whole new paradigm. It was challenging.

This morning we started off with a continental breakfast and some time of fellowship. Then we had a session on “Longevity in Ministry” by Doug Balcombe, from Living Way Church in Poway, California. Nowadays it is hard to find people who stay in the ministry for an extended period of time. Doug has been in that place for over 25 years. There were other people in the room who have been in their churches for a longer period. It is my prayer that I can be at HMCC until the Lord takes me home.

Another lesson I learned so far is how the Kingdom of God is a web of networks. I had the privilege of meeting Ralph Fair. If any of you went to Peru for our summer missions trip, you will remember the Limatambo Orphanage in Cusco that we served in. He was the man with the vision and the financial backing for the project. As I was sitting there with him, I was just amazed to see how everything came full circle. He was the one that had the vision and sowed in the financial resources and I was connected to him because we sent teams there for years to minister to the kids.

It is always awesome to experience these “God moments” when we are just humble to see how God sovereignly brings everything together.
Robert Barriger08.JPG
Robert doing a teaching on the “Blue Ocean Strategy” for ministry
Ralph Fair.JPG
I had the privilege of meeting Ralph Fair who help financed the Limatambo Orphanage
Gaylord Resort1.JPG
Our conference is held in an incredible indoor environment – everything is BIG in Texas!

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