Arts and Music Show

The whole family was able to go to the boys’ Arts and Music program at their school. It is good that they are trying to develop an appreciation for the arts in their school. When children have early exposure then they are able to engage in it more as they get older.

We walked around the foyer and saw the various art presentations by their grades. Then we went into the gymnasium and saw the music presentations. Each grade did a presentation that had the theme of “rhythms.” They played various percussion instruments to various music styles.

It was great seeing our children participate in the arts.
Josiah's Art08.JPG
Josiah displaying his artwork
Elliot's Art08.JPG
Elliot with his artwork
Elliot's Music08.JPG
Elliot’s 2nd grade class playing their rhythmic piece
Josiah's Music08.JPG
Josiah’s 5th grade class playing their percussion instruments

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