Going Back to Our Alma Mater

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Today, the family and I will be heading out to Chicago. We are going to drop off the kids first with my parents and then Christina and I are heading down to the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign. I, along with Pastor Young Kim from Grace Covenant Church and Pastor Paul Kim from Renewal Presbyterian Church, will be taking turns preaching at Covenant Fellowship Church’s revival meeting.

More than the preaching, it is going to be fun hanging out with some old friends. It is also going to get very nostalgic as Christina and I will try to retrace some of our steps and visit some familiar places that we visited during the good old college days… pretty romantic huh? 🙂

It is amazing how God is the grand concert master of our lives. Who would have ever thought that my experience in being part of the church plant down at U. of I. back in 1990 was going to prepare me for the church plant here in Ann Arbor. Who would have imagined that Christina’s experience in serving CFC was going to prepare her for her experience here.

God’s timing and timeline is priceless and perfect.

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