A Victim of Lust

It is interesting how religious people deal with the issue of lust. We know how secular people and pre-Christians deal with it. But when the issue of lust becomes the main topic of the day for religious people, you find it some fascinating perspectives. There was a news report by the Associated Press that appeared […]

Crucial Component of College Campuses

I was away the last 2 days visiting a college campus. I went out to scout the campus for a possible church plant in the future. As I was walking around, I couldn’t help but to get convicted about the important role college campuses play in the overall purpose and mission of God. As I […]

Missions Week 2007

        We started off our annual Missions Week. This is a great time for our church to really focus in on the heart of our church and the bigger purpose of God. Every year, I am humbled to see how a concentrated time of tapping into God’s heart can produce life transformation. […]

UG Retreat Reflections

I have been terribly behind in my e-mails and even in my blog posts. I think all the back-to-back revival meetings and retreats are finally catching up with me. But I would not trade what I have witnessed and experienced for the world. This past UG retreat in Chicago was a fresh reminder for me […]

Undergraduate Retreat in Chicago

        This weekend some of the band members and I will be going to Chicago for the first Undergraduate Retreat for HMCC of Chicago. It is hard to believe that we just finished our Undergraduate Retreat here in Ann Arbor. We are expecting the same blessings that God poured out here in […]

Marriage Principles from CNN?

It is always refreshing when secular media covers a topic that is important to the Church and to God. In a world where marriages are crumbling, people (even secular people) are seeing the importance of common sense. This is why the CNN article caught my attention when I saw the title, “Saving Marriages Must Be […]

The Preacher’s Kid

I guess there are some benefits of being a PK when it comes to giving a speech. Everyone in Josiah’s class has to give a 5 minute presentation about some explorer who impacted world history. He had to do all the research on Captain James Cooke. Then he had to write up a report and […]

Clergy Appreciation 2007

As most of you know, the month of October is dedicated for Clergy Appreciation. It has been so encouraging for our family to see how the church is taking this opportunity to honor us. Already, several small groups have given so generously to our family. Today, during our married couples’ small group, they took some […]

A New Generation of Men

               Just recently, Dr. Steve Lee in Kenya, Africa forwarded an article about Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEALS who died in combat in Afghanistan. Yesterday, President Bush awarded him the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest military award, which was received by his father and mother. What caught my […]

Leadership Lessons Luncheon

We had our first Leadership Lessons Luncheon this afternoon. For those of you who have not heard about this yet… after the Undergraduate Retreat the staff and I had a greater burden to help develop leaders in our church. If we are going to see a strong church then we need to influence people while […]

The Youngest Governor

        This past week history was made. Bobby Jindal, son of Indian immigrants became the youngest governor in United States history. You can read up on the story here. Couple of things about this newsworthy event struck me: 1) He is a minority. This is huge because he became the governor NOT […]

Christina’s B-day

God knew what He was doing when He decided to create a life that would bring so much joy and happiness to this world. My life has never been the same the day I met her. The family and I followed our birthday tradition today by having the birthday person choose the restaurant that they […]

This Weekend’s Blessings

What a long day… or shall I say a long weekend. On Saturday, Christina and I had to leave early from the revival meeting because my family needed to get back to Ann Arbor. I ended up sticking around in Chicago for Sunday’s celebration at HMCC of Chicago. Pastor Paul’s message on “The Gospel for […]

CFC Revival Meeting Update 1

As Christina and I were driving onto campus to get to the revival meeting, we were getting very nostalgic. We started reminiscing about various things that we did when we were in college and various places that had special meaning for us. I spoke the first night and it brought a lot of memories coming […]

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