UG Retreat Reflections

I have been terribly behind in my e-mails and even in my blog posts. I think all the back-to-back revival meetings and retreats are finally catching up with me. But I would not trade what I have witnessed and experienced for the world.

This past UG retreat in Chicago was a fresh reminder for me why we do what we do as a church. Here are some quick reflections:

1) The first of anything is the most memorable. This was our first Undergraduate Retreat and God did not fail us.

2) It was a privilege to see many people experience the kind of worship that we have been longing to have in our HMCC of Chicago church.

3) It is a joy serving with people who are like-minded and desire the same thing for an event. I couldn’t help but to notice some of the people I had the privilege of seeing grow up in our ministry in Ann Arbor who are now in Chicago helping build up the church… they brought so much joy to my heart.

4) Some of the best times at a retreat are the informal times when you are able to just chill with people and talk about whatever is in your heart.

5) There is something powerful about laying hands on people and allowing them to powerfully experience the power of God through prayer.

6) We definitely gained some big time momentum from this retreat. Now we want to maximize it for God’s glory.

7) Driving to the retreat instead of flying allowed me the privilege of spending time with some of our band helpers. I always get excited when I am able to impart the heart of the ministry to younger people who desire to learn and grow.

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